More 'Parties' Testimonials ...

“From the moment I saw such an excited bunch of boys at the drop-off point I knew it would be an amazing day for them.  Thank you so much to you and Jed for providing a day that they will never forget - when I picked-up, all of the boys were glowing and walking with that air of boys who had braved the elements and survived!  You are brilliant at what you do and I really appreciate all the time and prep it requires not to mention the clearing away! Funny you should mention the blowpipe as Jack has already been trying to make one from a piece of bamboo he found in the garden!”

“Ben and Noah absolutely loved the party and lots of the parents are texting me to say thank you and reporting that their child came back from party enthusing about it.

I really enjoyed it myself; it was so nice to enjoy my child's party for a change, and to observe Ben’s interactions, rather than frantically serving up a party tea and providing parents with cups of tea etc. It was lovely to be outdoors in beautiful woodland for the afternoon watching my children having lots of fun with friends without having to do a thing. Totally stress-free! Just felt guilty we left you with lots of collecting and packing up to do on your own!

Thank you so much for all your hard work and wonderful imagination. We may be looking you up again for a party for Noah in the future.

I have quizzed Ben for feedback about the party and he looked at me with a “why on earth are you asking me that?” look. He loved it and wouldn't change a thing; it was exactly what he wanted. You can't get better than that...child and parent very satisfied! You’re definitely in the right job...did you mention you used to do LAW??!! This is much more fun I'm sure. Thanks again.”

“Ruth masterminded two of our son's most memorable birthday parties, despite unfavourable weather at the end of November. Several of his schoolmates told us that they were ‘the best parties ever!’. Listening to excited children cooking their own birthday tea on fires that they themselves had made and lit without matches was great. Even better, was seeing them undertake various Indiana Jones-style activities in the nearby woods. Ruth is at all times professional, organised, safety-conscious and great fun”

Toby had a super party and the boys were all talking about it today.  It was Monty’s best ever party (except that there were no party bags!) and a number of the mums also said how much they enjoyed it.  Dave takes his hat off to you and your imagination… The only problem is that you have now set an even higher benchmark for next year.”

“This has to be the best of the three parties you have run for me.  Doing it in the dark with a very active theme of Witches and Castles on a foggy night was superb.  I wouldn’t have risked a night party on my own but all the children really enjoyed it.  Your props and activities provided just the right amount of challenge for the group and going by the chatter of the boys they were all immersed in the imaginative theme.”

“Just to say a huge ‘Thank You’ for yesterday! The girls loved it and my daughter said it was her best ever party. Many many thanks for all your hard work. Hope tidying up didn't take too long!”

“Ruth organised and ran a super party for my 6 year old.  He enjoyed it so much that he had another party, on a different theme, the following year and I have now booked another party for my younger son.  All the children who went had a wonderful time learning how to light fires, doing treasure hunts in the woods and generally being children!  Ruth knows how to engage with the children and fire their imagination and at the same time teach them new skills.  If you want a party with a difference that all the children will remember then Ruth is your woman!”

“We had a ball (and the kids did too!). Really good fun, thank you so much”

“Ben had an amazing Birthday party. Thank you!”

“Ruth organised and ran my son's 7th and 8th birthday parties (and those for several of his friends). They were totally excellent. The planning and enormous thought that Ruth put into them made the parties fantastic fun for all the children who came.  Ruth is full of stacks of novel new ideas, which made both parties completely unique.  I would highly recommend her!”

“Following the party, Ben is wanting to join the Cubs! I believe
there is a massive wait list, are you able to advise when we would get
a place?”