More 'Camps' Testimonials ...

“Thank you especially for all the incredible thought and effort, imagination and genius that you apply to everything you do – it is a huge honour to be a little part of your grand events and to see the enormous pleasure and experience of so many children – all of whom would not have had the same or even closely similar experience without you”

“Ruth has enthralled two of our children in her capacity as Beaver Leader and Scout Leader over a number of years. I have seen Ruth encouraging all kinds of youngsters to become engaged in the Great Outdoors. She has a remarkable degree of commitment to outdoor pursuits and young people and a bottomless enthusiasm which is not diminished by even the heaviest downpour. Our children have been lucky enough to have Ruth instruct them in a wide range of activities including a canoe expedition, camping without tents, axe and sheath knife training and bush-cooking skills. I doubt our daughter will ever forget the night that Ruth took a group badger-watching which was successful due to the many hours of preparation she had put in beforehand”

We had such a fabulous time...I've only just recovered. We would love to work with you again… Thanks again for a wonderful experience. Thank goodness we had better weather for our camp!”

“It was brilliant! An extremely emphatic ‘well done’ to you and Jed. Rich and I felt very privileged to have been invited onto camp and we were so impressed with what we saw going on. Well done! It was a really brilliant camp for those who attended and for us who were given the opportunity to take part.  Alex has had a fantastic time and has a memory which will stay with him for a long time - so much so we even managed to have a 30 min conversation about it all whilst he whittled... Thank you very much”

“Thank you for a great weekend. Gems, Jack and Si had a ball and Gems came back grinning from ear to ear. Si thinks it is all so well organised and it's hats off to you - well done”

“Woodcraft Camp II was just the awesomest camp, ooh EVER!”
Joe, Jonnie, George and Alex

“In the four years I have known Ruth I have always found her to be very enthusiastic in everything she undertakes. She is very creative and makes learning new skills fun. Ruth is able is explain the activities with patience and great detail at a child's level, so they walk away with huge amounts of knowledge and understanding. Ruth has such a great zest for life and is able to make the best of every situation.”