More Adventure Days Testimonials ...

"I just wanted to let you know what J & O said in the car on the way home yesterday.  When I asked them if they had a good time, they said it was amazing.  They then went on to say 'You know Ruth & Jed put so much effort into organising these days; they never leave you disappointed. Always so much excitement! They really do work hard at making it the best day'.  How lovely is that?  Thank you so much and see you again soon." KB

"Eva and Jamie had the most amazing day and were literally shouting with excitement when I got home, desperate to be the one to tell me all about it first! They're both desperate to come again so if you can put me on your mailing list for future adventures that would be great. Thank you for giving them such a great day to start the Easter holidays. They've spent most of the rest of the afternoon up trees in the garden so they'll definitely be sleeping well tonight!" AP

“Just spoke to Alex- he has had a fab day thanks! 9½ out of 10; he said you lost ½ because of rain!!!! He's coming again!”

“Many thanks to you both for persevering through truly awful weather. Harry and Edward had a super time. You are truly gems.”

“I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but this is WAY better than I had expected. It’s brilliant! I’ve done loads of survival courses, but this is by far the best”
H aged 11

“The boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves and asked when they were next going! A great activity for the holidays - educational, developing life-skills, working in teams and active outdoor exercise. Thank you”

“The day was great and much, much better than Hamish had anticipated it being.  He had thought he would be watching the adults do ‘the dangerous stuff’ and only be expected to do the fetching and carrying, he was very impressed that they were all expected to join in and do the activities for themselves with guidance and supervision from the leaders”

“Ruth - thank you so much for organising such a great day for the kids. Tom had an amazing time and even though he was shattered last night wanted to tell me all about the adventures he had! It was so good to hear him talking about all the things that he did - lots of which I used to do as a child but children these days don't have the freedom to have such exciting adventures in the woods”

“Thank you for an excellent day today. Harry had a wonderful time and told us at great length the events of the day. He will sleep well tonight! Please can you let me know of any other future days that you do for his age-group?”

anks SO much for organising such a brilliant day. Thomas hasn't stopped talking about it”

“Many thanks for yesterday. Sam had a brilliant time and thoroughly enjoyed himself! We had to check his room for gobblers before bed but all was well!”

“Reuben had an absolute ball - he particularly liked the tightrope and goblins?!”

“Jake had a blast, utterly shattered last night which is always a good thing! Put his name down for future days – he is dying to do another day”

“Thank you so much for giving Callum such a lovely day. He has some wonderful memories to treasure forever”

“I just wanted to say thank you for giving the boys such a wonderful time. Alex came back saying it was his best day ever!

“I would just like to say thank you for yesterday, my sons had a fabulous time!”

“Love it! Jack started talking about pigs and I was about to say ‘were they flying?’ when he did admit they were cardboard! Highlights were the copious quantities of mud and the ‘game’ of finding the leaders. Thank you – a fab day”

“I have to tell you that Aaron had the most brilliant day – he's been talking non-stop about all the fun you guys had today – and he's well impressed!... Thank you very much!”

“A note from Euan and me to say ‘thanks’ for such a fantastic experience. He has told me all about lighting the fire, falling in the 'swamp' with crocodiles (his favourite part of the day by the way!) and of course, drinking black grog! What a great way to spend the last day of the school holidays. Thank you both again”

“A big thank you from Harry. He really enjoyed his full-on day and I loved seeing all those boys with faces painted and clothes soaking and muddy. You and Jed did a top job on them! Washing has been on and now needs emptying!”

“Jake had such a brilliant time. He was going on and on about the swamp all weekend! More days please….even keen to do a party”

“Thank you so much for providing such great fun for the boys - they absolutely LOVE the Bear Dog [Adventure] Days!”

“Oh Ruth you are such a star! He had the most wonderful day (again) and it is so special for us to see our shy little man really letting his hair down!”

“Thank you again for two fantastic days in the woods.  Jack and Ollie both had a great time.  Jack said it was 'brilliant' and even better than the first one (which he had thought was amazing)”